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Give Gift of Money

APHE is a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization with members across the United States and abroad. Your contributions to APHE will help us to:

  • Expand professional development and networking opportunities for educators who promote humane attitudes toward people, animals and the environment
  • Increase awareness about APHE and the benefits of humane education
  • Expand tools offered to humane education professionals
  • Support research to demonstrate the beneficial impact of humane education

APHE welcomes donations in memory of and in honor of individuals, animals and agencies. Fill out the form below and let us know your intentions in the “comment” section. Please include any names and contact information where an acknowledgement of your gift should be sent. Thank you for supporting APHE!

Click here to donate now.

Give Gift of Time

There are other ways to give to APHE, including serving on a committee or joining the Board of Directors.

Click here to explore ways you can give your time.

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