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The APHE board of directors is comprised of 12-15 individuals elected by the APHE membership to provide organizational leadership and oversight. APHE seeks board members who are experts in the field and are driven to ensure that the organization's purpose, mission, and vision are defined and achievable.  The entire board serves in a volunteer capacity and works tirelessly to support those that promote empathy through education.  

Row (from left to right):

Melissa Logan, President

Ashley Stanley, Vice-President

Emily Strongin, Membership Secretary 

Darlene Blackman, Tresurer Liason

Robin O'Brien, Recording Secretary

Heather Franco, Member-at-Large

Savanna New, Technology Chair

Christine Davis, Conference Chair

Erin Ellis

Kim Ferris-Church

Heather Grogan 

Inge Koopman-Leyva

Adora Negron

Cindy Walden 

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Advisors serve as critical contributors to the advancement of APHE. Advisors share their gifts in service to our mission by providing our organization with professional expertise, diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives, connections to local, national, or international resources, colleagues or peers, and other forms of needed assistance. They provide APHE with recommendations and opinions on matters related to APHE and help promote humane education and the work of APHE. Advisors have no governing function within the organization.  Advisor terms are two years in length.


Individuals are eligible for Senior Advisor status if at least one of the following criteria is met: 

1. The individual is a past APHE board member (with at least one full term of service)

2. The individual has a unique or technical skill that will add to the advancement of APHE.

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