"I am a relative newcomer to the group, in the process of forging my
way to becoming more involved in humane education. I cannot tell you how exciting 
and inspiring it is to be a part of this group. Personally and professionally, I am a 
member of various online groups and I have never seen a group that is as passionate,
supportive, creative, enthusiastic and kind as you are. I consider it a privilege to be a part 
of this group and I look forward to being able to contribute, in the coming months, 
to you and the causes you are dedicated to." - Laura Mansfield

"What a blessing APHE has already turned out to be." - Bobbi Russell                        _____________________________________

"I value all that I have gained from being a member of APHE, the 'long-distance' friends I've made, and all the sharing and help I've always received from fellow members.  I've even gotten ideas - and guests - for my 'adult' humane education radio program, Pet Talk." - Jean Meyer


"The passion and willingness of APHE conference delegates to exchange knowledge and share support - sharing their learning and truly offering the 'power of knowledge' generously - these are truly professional humane educators. In turn, this created a feeling of belonging to a large family, which is non-judgmental and that has one core common goal: to make the world a better place. 

The APHE conference offered us much more than just knowledge and we hope  that in the future it continues with growing success and increased international attendance as this is one conference no one should miss!

With gratitude for the experience," - Pei F. Su, Executive Director, ACTAsia For Animals


"APHE is so wonderful when someone asks for help and all these great people step forward and send us all this great information we wouldn't be aware of otherwise! Nothing beats a coast to coast safety net of humane educators willing to share, pool and offer information like this -- thanks!"  - Joanne Cronan-Hamoy, Education Director, Spring Farm CARES Animal Sanctuary, Clinton, NY 


"APHE is a WONDERFUL place to learn great ideas and to tap into some remarkable wisdom."  - Valerie Ingram, Lakes Animal Friendship Society


"Thank you again for putting together a wonderful conference! I really can't say enough about the experience being interesting and fun (been bubbling with refreshed energy all week), and I truly enjoyed mucking it up with other humane educators.  The presentation on learning styles was especially valuable. I strongly believe that both what we as humane educators present and how we present it are equally important considerations. I appreciate the APHE's reflection of this sentiment. Looking forward to attending an APHE conference again in the future!" - Maria Keith, Humane Educator, Education & Advocacy Department at the National Humane Education Society 


"This was my first APHE conference. I have only been a member for a few months but I walked away with a bunch of ideas. I have already made the games Nicole showed us. I have also fascinated my 9 year old son with the information on the maggots. Someone mentioned a kitten shower as a way to get donations for kittens. I am bringing this up to my board the next time we meet. So I walked away with ideas for humane education, forensics, fundraising, cat toys, and how to make environments better for animals in shelters." Angel Avery


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