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The APHE Advisory Council is comprised of a collection of individuals who advise and support APHE in a variety of ways.  The list below is by no means exhaustive but highlights a multitude of ways our council members support APHE. 

APHE Advisory Council members:

1.  Provide professional expertise or advice on issues important to the advancement of APHE

2.  Offer community feedback to help keep APHE relevant to its members

3.  Help APHE increase resources, funds, and/or members

4.  Serve on one or more committees and attend committee meetings (see details below)

APHE Advisory Council members must apply using the application below.  If selected, members are asked to commit to one year of service.   For questions, contact 

Advisory Council Application

The Marketing Committee handles the marketing and promotional efforts (advertising, giveaways, online sales, etc.) Organizes exhibit opportunities and researches advertising and speaking opportunities at other conferences.  Oversees the Facebook page and other social media opportunities.

The Development Committee formulates and implements strategies to acquire grants, contributions, sponsorships, and other funding sources to help APHE achieve its strategic, financial, and business plan goals.

The APHE Resources Committee maintains the Members’ Area Resource Links area of the website.  Resources may be website links or document files.

Committee members are required to help expand our Member Library through various methods of resource collection.  

*This committee currently has the highest need for additional support. 

The Online Networking Committee provides networking opportunities for members to connect and share resources.  These materials may present in the form of an online webinar, short video clips, panel discussions, and podcasts.  Additionally, the committee identifies educational materials and topics for our monthly Coffee and Connect sessions. 

The HEQ committee produces the quarterly newsletter. The committee recruits authors, writes content (as needed), edits content, designs the layout, proofs the newsletter, and facilitates printing and delivery.

The Conference Committee is responsible for producing the annual National Conference held in the first quarter of the calendar year.  This committee collaborates with other committees such as Development and Marketing to ensure all aspects of the National Conference are accomplished.

APHE Advisory Council 

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