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2024 APHE Conference, April 24th-26th

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming conference, Exploring Empathy: Unleashing Compassion in Erie County, and are seeking speakers for this empowering event. This conference aims to delve deep into the realm of empathy and compassion, exploring their profound impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

Date: April 24th-26th

Location: Erie County, Buffalo, New York

Speaker Guidelines:

We are seeking dynamic speakers who possess expertise in the fields of animal welfare, education, mental health, technology, psychology, social sciences, leadership, community engagement, and other related disciplines. If you have a compelling story, groundbreaking research, or practical tools to share on the power of empathy and compassion, we encourage you to submit your proposal. We are specifically seeking presentations on a variety of the following themes/topics:

Empathy in Action: Transforming Lives and Communities

  • Activities and lessons that foster student success and emotional well-being
  • Methods for empowering vulnerable populations
  • Creating stronger community connections
  • Techniques for driving social change and advocacy

Empathy and Diversity: Building Inclusive Classrooms

  • Diversity and cultural sensitivity training: promoting cross-cultural understanding
  • Social Justice: addressing systemic inequalities through humane education lessons
  • Neurodiversity and Empathy: understanding differences in cognitive processing

Compassion at the Core: Self-Care and Well-Being

  • Compassion fatigue and burnout: Tips for relief and recovery
  • Self-Compassion: Fostering compassion within ourselves

Empathy in the Workplace: Fostering Supportive and Caring Work Environments

  • Inspiring and motivating teams
  • Emotional intelligence and empathetic communication
  • Tips for crisis management and conflict resolution within teams and organizations
  • Tools for balancing compassion and accountability
  • Creating a positive and inclusive work environment

Empathy and Technology: Exploring the Role of Technology in Fostering Empathetic Connections

  • Learning through digital storytelling
  • Tech for social impact: new technology to create change

The Science of Empathy: Unraveling the Science and Psychology Behind Effective Practices

  • Research and practices that explore social cognition, empathetic behaviors, and trauma-informed teaching

Do you have something you would like to share that is not listed above? We would love to hear your creative ideas!

To guide you in filling out the form below, we recommend reviewing the Speaker Proposal Planning document first.

The deadline for proposals has passed.   

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