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Member Spotlight: 

Monica Kothe 

Humane Education Lead, Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Monica found her dream job in the fall of 2022, joining the Humane Society of Southern Arizona as the Children’s Program Coordinator. She is the Humane Education Lead, responsible for camp coordination, school visitations, onsite field trips, the Hand in Paw Youth Internship Program, and service groups. Her favorite part about her job is breaking down the stereotypes and fears kids may have about animals, especially rats.

She became a member of APHE when she joined HSSA. She attended her first conference in Minnesota in 2023, where she was inspired by all the friendly faces of humane educators nationwide who were just as passionate about animals and education as she was. She is currently an Advisory Council Member on the Membership and Resource Committee, working on revamping the Resource Library. She presented at this year’s conference in Buffalo with her roundtable session titled “On the Struggle Bus: Finding Community in APHE.”

Monica is a little photo-shy, but enjoys taking many pictures of her pets! She has two cats named Oz and Neptune. She also includes the Ambassador Animals that the Education Department houses as her very own, which is demonstrated by the seasonal photoshoots she has with the Ambassadors. In her spare time, Monica enjoys napping, hiking, and crocheting.


About APHE’s Member Spotlight: 

Each month, APHE seeks to spotlight members of the organization that has done one of the following: 

  1. Demonstrated leadership and commitment to the field of humane education
  2. Created a program or activities that have created accessibility and/or inclusion for others
  3. Expanded learning opportunities 
  4. Used creative approaches to education and learning
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