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Member Spotlight: 

Heidi Muir, MAT

Education Services Manager, Seattle Humane


One day on a whim, Heidi visited Seattle Humane and fell in love with a fluffy white cat named Darcy. The rest is history. “I had no idea that animal shelters had programs for kids before I adopted my cat. I volunteered for a few years, then jumped at the opportunity to be part of the education team.”

Heidi joined APHE shortly after being hired at Seattle Humane in 2018 and values being part of a community. “I attended an APHE conference for the first time in 2019 and it was so energizing to be around people who could relate to the challenges I was facing as a brand-new Humane Education professional on a tiny team of two.”

As the Education Services manager for Seattle Humane, Heidi still works on a tiny team of two, hosting camps and other programs for youth and families at the shelter and travelling to classrooms and community centers throughout the Puget Sound area. “My goal is for young people to realize the power they have to make the world a better place for animals. There’s no reason to wait! I try to be the person that would have inspired me as a middle schooler, but honestly, I probably would have been intimidated by myself.”

Darcy has since passed away, but Heidi shares her home with a new cat, D.B. Cooper. One day, she would love to have pet rats. “If I have kids and rats in the building at the same time, those kids are going to hold rats. It’s important to challenge animal stigmas.”


                                                              Darcy                                                                                         D.B. Cooper  


About APHE’s Member Spotlight: 

Each month, APHE seeks to spotlight members of the organization that has done one of the following: 

  1. Demonstrated leadership and commitment to the field of humane education
  2. Created a program or activities that have created accessibility and/or inclusion for others
  3. Expanded learning opportunities 
  4. Used creative approaches to education and learning
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