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Member Spotlight:  César Díaz

This month APHE is thrilled to spotlight César Díaz, Humane Education Virtual Program Manager at Animal Protection New Mexico.

Animal Protection New Mexico is a statewide nonprofit that protects animals by creating social change resulting in the humane treatment of all animals. We create policies, infrastructure, and services that protect animals and strengthen our communities, and we design and implement humane and pragmatic solutions to seemingly intractable problems involving animals.

About César:

I have been an educator for nearly 20 years working for nonprofits throughout the southwest developing programs that reach various age groups from K-12, undergraduate, and adult education. I have also worked as a teacher and mentor, most recently working with would-be first-generation

college students integrating diversity and equity for Latinx youth in Austin, Texas. My mission in program development and as a teacher has always been to foster community engagement and compassionate action through service learning. Along with student success, I am passionate about

supporting local shelter programs that find homes for unwanted senior dogs. That’s how I got involved in humane education with Animal Protection New Mexico (APNM).  As Humane Education Virtual Program Manager, I merge my program and curricular design experience with my love of companion animals to develop an online curriculum that educators across New Mexico can use to promote and raise awareness of the connection between empathy and concern for peers, families, and the community. Although APNM’s humane education program began in 2010, its virtual component is less than a year old. My hope for the future is to establish a network of educators, and communities passionate about creating social change in New Mexico by raising a new generation of animal advocates.

About APHE’s Member Spotlight: 

Each month, APHE seeks to spotlight members of the organization that has done one of the following: 

  1. Demonstrated leadership and commitment to the field of humane education
  2. Created a program or activities that have created accessibility and/or inclusion for others
  3. Expanded learning opportunities 
  4. Used creative approaches to education and learning
Have a member you would like to recommend?  Submit your recommendation to members@aphe.org.  
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