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2021 APHE Virtual Conference: Renew, Restore, Reset (recordings and materials)

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This conference package includes 12 outstanding presentations on various topics that support professionals when tackling some of the most critical challenges we are facing in the field today. Materials for each presentation are also provided! Presenters and topics are listed below. Kathryn Owens, Measuring Children's Empathy Towards Animals: User-friendly Approaches Kim Ferris-Church, It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt: A Camp Director's Guide to Planning for Camp Safety and Risk Management James Evans, Listening and Learning from Voices of Color Institute for Human-Animal Connection, The State of Humane Education in the U.S. Schools 2018-2019: The Start of a Humane Education Research Agenda Ashley Stanley, No More Bullying: Violence Prevention Through Humane Education Maddie Krasno, Cultivating Compassion Through Farm Sanctuary's Art-Based Curriculum Mike Arms, The Business of Saving Lives Barbara McLean, Turn and Face the Strange Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How to Manage and Communicate Through Change At Your Shelter Kristina Hulvershorn, Increasing the Efficacy of Humane Education Through Equity and Restorative Practices Lesley Winton, Connecting Neglected Children with Rescued Animals to Help Reverse the Cycle of Abuse and Foster Compassion Sergio Avila, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Outdoor Recreation, Environmental Education and Conservation: The Experiences and Lessons of a Brown Scientist Linda Harper, Refresh Your Compassionate Heart: Take Care of You and Your Team to Make a Difference in the World

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