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2022 APHE Virtual Conference: Teaching for the Future (recordings and materials)

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This conference package includes 12 outstanding presentations on various topics that support professionals when tackling some of the most critical challenges we are facing in the field today. Materials for each presentation are also provided! Presenters and topics are listed below. Keynote Speaker: Justin Kurup, Courageous Conversations: The Duty of an Educator Dr. Tess Collett, Trauma-Informed Teaching: Effects of Trauma on the Developing Child and Strategies for Educational Professionals Mike Farley & Nandita Bajaj, Exploring Our Relationships to Animals in Classrooms and School Communities Tara Lenehan & Minhhan Lam, Inclusive Kindness in Humane Education Emily Tronetti & Macy Sutton, The Future is Now: The Need for Adult Humane Education Indra Lahiri, Weaving DEI into Humane Education Katie Cambell & Sandi Comunale, Back to Bare Necessities: Evaluating & Evolving Your Education Department's Mission for the Changing World Dr. Alexandra Protopopova, Companion Animals and Climate Change: Identifying Links and Opportunities for our Field Dr. Janine Muldoon, Identifying the Best Ways to Educate Children About Animal Welfare: The Key Challenges and a Toolkit to Support the Development and Evaluation of Interventions Laura Fanthome, Humane Education: Experiential Learning and Inclusivity Bailey Gilbert, Engaging Teen Leaders in Your Community Michael Kaufmann, Caring to Learn, While Learning to Care

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