Why Join APHE?

APHE Membership Benefits

Humane Education Quarterly

A quarterly newsletter sent to all members, full of great articles, resources and more. Read a sample issue (PDF). To minimize the environmental impact, HEQ is sent to members electronically.

Members' Area

A special section of the website - just for APHE members!
  • Resources - a one-stop location for humane education resources, including book lists, sources for program materials, and how-to resources to assist in creating new programs and enhancing existing programs
  • Member Directory - locate members close to home (or around the world!) or members with expertise in a specific program area
  • Humane Education Quarterly / Packrat Archive - access past newsletter issues
  • Access to Special Discounts (described below)
  • Membership Information - opportunities to get involved with the association, membership meeting minutes

Special Discounts

APHE members enjoy:
  • Discounts on all APHE merchandise
  • Discount to the APHE National Humane Education Conference
  • A 10% discount on books and videos from the Latham Foundation
  • A 10% discount on items from the ASPCA
  • A 10% discount on Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES) courses
  • $10 off of Doggone Crazy! and Doggone Safe's on-line course, Basic Body Language
  • 10% off of anything in the Doggone Crazy! on-line store
  • 25% off Institute for Humane Education online courses
  • 10% discount on select Animal Jobs Direct online animal care diploma and certificate courses
  • Free trial posting on the Animal Jobs Direct Job Board
Once you become a member, you can take advantage of these discounts by logging on to our Members' Area.

An E-mail List...Almost Like an Ongoing Conference!

Where can you post a question and soon get answers from all over the country (and world)? On an e-mail list! When you join APHE, you will be added to our e-mail listserv.

If you are new to e-mail listservs, what happens is that you receive a copy of any e-mail message that anyone else on the list sends to the list address. Likewise, any e-mail message that you send to the list address will go to EVERYONE on the list. Suddenly you are in instant communication with your peers!

Voting Power

Members have a strong voice in helping to shape the future of APHE.

Conference Invites

APHE has a National Humane Education Conference, with a format that has been perfected over the past three decades, including the Sharing Corral, APHE's unique chance for everyone to be a presenter! This is a great forum for sharing your programs and materials with your peers.

Networking Opportunities

Perhaps the greatest benefit of membership is the chance to network with leaders in the field and to be supported by your peers. One of the best networking tools is the E-mail List.
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