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2019 national conference

Learn from thought leaders and innovators in the humane education community!

Each year humane educators, volunteers, teachers, and leaders in humane education come together to learn from one another. Through presentations, networking events, workshops, and excursions relationships are built and program ideas are shared.  The energy from 100+ humane educators in one room is exhilarating! 

Who typically attends the APHE National Humane Education Conference? 

Attendees include humane educators from a variety of backgrounds who promote humane attitudes toward people, animals, and the environment. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who teaches animal welfare, animal rights, animal behavior, environmental education and literacy, social justice, character education, cultural studies and any combination of the above.

The conference allows staff and volunteers of animal shelters, animal care and control agencies, zoos, museums, park districts, schools, colleges, universities, and other local, regional, and national entities to learn and share together.

Nathania Gartman Scholarship Fund 

APHE is proud to offer limited scholarships to qualified members through the Nathania Gartman Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship exists to assist humane educators from various backgrounds to attend who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships must be received by October 7, 2018. Thank you, the deadline has passed.

Thank you to our generous sponsors! 

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2019 Conference

Hosted By
Arizona Humane Society    1521 W. Dobbins Rd.  Phoenix, AZ 850442
January 16-18, 2019

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