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The Good Kid Project creates products that teach kids to treat animals with kindness. It is guided by a belief that children taught to extend kindness and mercy toward animals are more likely to become good kids who are kind and considerate in their relations to one another.


I am a clinical psychologist in the Chicagoland area specializing in supporting the animal lover’s compassionate heart. I create and lead workshops locally and across the country for animal welfare organizations and animal care professionals. I offer private consults (in-person, phone, and Skype) to help animal lovers navigate the emotional challenges, including grief and loss, that come along with giving to our furry friends and sharing life’s journey with them.


The Gryphon Press publishes beautifully illustrated children’s picture books to illuminate the struggles that non-human animals face and to strengthen the human-animal bond by encouraging children to develop empathy for every animal life.


Curriculum in Action Multiculturalism and the Human-Animal Connection introduces future and current K-12 educators to engaging animal themes and fosters the consideration and development of animal-focused lessons. The text illuminates the multifaceted roles animals have played in society, their cultural influences within diverse communities, and how teachers can introduce animal themes in the classroom in an empathetic, ethical, and considerate way.

The Academy of Prosocial Learning (APL) supports humane and prosocial development in education and professional settings. The Academy offers the CHES humane education credentialing program, the only national registry of humane education specialists, and helps clients achieve their goals by providing professional development, curriculum frameworks, and coaching. Learn more at http://www.prosocialacademy.org

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