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Extend your conference experience with unique Minnesota excursions to Wabasha Street Caves at Saint Paul and the Mall of America! 

Excursion Details: Enjoy a 45-minute walking tour exploring the finished and mined caves of Saint Paul, while discovering mobster legends and ghostly lore! Snack provided en route to then experience the largest mall in the United States. The bus will drop off at the Mall of America's central location, ideal for independent discovery of 50 restaurants and 500+ shops for tax free shopping!  The excursion bus will ensure all participants have a 3:00 PM hotel drop off (or catch a short 5 minute ride-share to the airport).  

  • Cost $50/person, option available during conference registration. 
  • Saturday, April 04 
  • Mid-morning snack provided
  • 8:00 AM hotel pick up and 3:00 PM hotel drop off.

2020 Conference
Lumber Exchange Event Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 1-3, 2020

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