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2022 Humane Education Conference 

2022 Virtual Conference:

Teaching for the Future

April 26th-28th, 2022

We've Gone Virtual!

Join us for APHE’s all virtual conference, featuring speakers from around the world!  This year’s conference will provide participants with professional networking opportunities and presentations that will help in navigating this new world and teaching for the future. This is the  national conference for humane educators!

Who typically attends the APHE National Humane Education Conference? 

Attendees from all over the world! Our 200+ registrants hail from both sides of the hemisphere.

Attendees include humane educators from a variety of backgrounds who promote humane attitudes toward people, animals, and the environment.  This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who teaches animal welfare, animal rights, animal behavior, environmental education and literacy, social justice, character education, cultural studies, and any combination of the above.

The conference allows staff and volunteers of animal shelters, animal care and control agencies, zoos, museums, park districts, schools, colleges, universities, and other local, regional, and national entities to learn and share together.


Virtual sessions will occur over a three day period (April 26th-April 28th) in order to limit interruptions to your daily schedule.  If you are unable to watch one of the sessions live, do not worry, as participants will be provided with all recordings and materials at the conclusion of the conference.

For exact dates, times, and presentation descriptions, please visit the schedule page.

Sponsors- Visionary Sponsor Level

Best Friends Animal Society and Southern Utah University (SUU) have partnered to create higher learning opportunities in contemporary animal services. Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to learn about proven data and science-based practices, policies and procedures through certificated programs, symposiums, and classes.


Global Ambassador Sponsor Level


The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has saved over 1 million pets since 1944. We take in pets from all over Southern Arizona, assisting smaller shelters by taking in hard-to-place pets and pets with serious medical needs – pets who might not otherwise have a chance at life. We heal their bodies and their hearts, and help them find loving forever homes. We believe in the power of community. Find out all the ways we can help you at our website, www.hssaz.org.

Founded in 1918, today Latham promotes humane education and animal welfare activities such as the human-animal bond, the link between animal abuse and other forms of violence, and advances in animal-assisted activities through its publications, videos, and new grant-making program. www.Latham.org

Mentor Sponsor Level

RedRover brings animals out of crisis through emergency sheltering, disaster relief and financial assistance. We are preventing animal cruelty and neglect by educating youth and building a more compassionate future through the power of empathy, resilience and the human-animal bond.     www.RedRover.org

Marin Humane, established in 1907, shelters thousands of animals each year. It is an adoption and humane education center, provides behavior and training programs, animal-assisted programs, community outreach, and provides pet care support to low income families, and more.    www.MarinHumane.org

Since 1874, the mission of Charleston Animal Society has always been the prevention of cruelty to animals. Over 15,000 animals will turn to Charleston Animal Society for caring, compassion and hope this year alone. In addition to caring for homeless animals, adopting them into new homes, and reuniting lost pets with their families, the organization responds to animals in crisis as a result of both man-made and natural disasters.  For more information, visit www.CharlestonAnimalSociety.org.


Teacher Sponsor Level

Innovate your vet/science camps with animal and environmentally friendly resources from Animalearn! Engage your campers with tactile non-animal models, AR/VR technology and more for FREE from Animalearn’s humane science loan program called The Science Bank - thesciencebank.org

Best Friend Sponsor Level

Code 3 Associates is dedicated to providing professional animal disaster response and resources to communities, as well as providing professional training to individuals and agencies involved in animal related law enforcement and emergency response. Our mission is accomplished through hands-on animal rescue and care operations during disaster events; and through our certified animal welfare training seminars which include animal cruelty training for investigators.  www.code3associates.org

Supporter Sponsor Level

Mutt-i-grees Curriculum, a Yale University-developed PreK – Grade 12 social-emotional learning program, develops empathy, resiliency, and an awareness of oneself and others to create a more humane future. Each session includes educational/developmental objectives, hands-on activities, and books focusing on shelter pets.

The National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA) was formed in 1978 to provide resources, training, and support for animal care and control professionals across the United States. NACA offers guidance and training on many of the most crucial responsibility areas of officers. We are a leading voice in support of the community policing approach to animal control, in order to prevent the root causes that lead to cruelty, neglect, and public safety issues. nacanet.org

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